“OBJET IMPOSSIBLE” , DUO show with Alexis RERO.

Through a first joint installation, Thomas Canto and RERO will question the notion of silence and its impossibility. 
This installation will be made from an anechoic structure (absorbing acoustic wall) inspired by the deaf chambers, 
because as said John Cage: "Silence does not exist. There is always something going on that produces a sound. "
In a second installation, Thomas Canto will explore the limits of perception by creating a work that mixes mural painting, 
anamorphosis and sculpture, blurring the spatial and visual landmarks.
The confrontation of the viewer with this work will be made more intense by a graphic setting that will create a sense of attraction,
inviting the public to question the notions of possible and impossible. RERO will disrupt this device with texts to parasitize or 
extend the various vanishing lines of this installation.

From the 7th of september 2018 to the 10th of december 2018. 
Opening 6th of september. 
HANGAR 107, 107 Allée François Mitterand, 76100 ROUEN (FRANCE)