“PARALLELS”, Fabien Castanier gallery, Los Angeles (U.S.A.)

UPCOMING EXHIBITION : “PARALLELS”  L’Atlas-Thomas Canto Duo show at Fabien Castanier  Gallery, L.A. (USA) “This exhibition brings together two French artists whose aesthetics draw from their mastery of geometry in space. Both L’Atlas and Canto have developed a keen sense of spatial awareness through street art, and have taken their inspirations to transcendent levels. The […]

Magda Danysz : Les Bains – Résidence d’Artistes

Magda Danysz Les Bains : Résidence d’Artistes 2013 English/French 200x250mm, 192 pages – Hardcover Illustrations, photos and text ISBN : 978-88-88493-97-8 Preview the catalog Buy it on Amazon “It is on November day that Jeanne-Pierre Marois, owner of the building were was located les Bains Douches, the most iconic Parisian night club for over thirty years, contacted Magda Danysz, the […]