Intersections is an edition created in the line of the body of work Structural reflections These works present a vision of infinite rhythms, verticality, and visual harmony. They also refer to ideas of alienation or loss of bearings. These are sensations that anyone can experience by experimenting with the geometric constructions that constitute the megalopolises of the whole world.

The main apparent inspiration of these works “the Cities” represents for the artist a concentration or a superposition of realities of which he endeavors to show the multiple interactions.

For years, the artist has continuously dealt with architecture and the subject of urbanity in his work. It represents the city as a dynamic object and a living entity. Thomas Canto has often asked the question of the purpose of contemporary urban life: how we build, how we consume, and how we experience our cities.

Artwork Size: ⌀ 49cm, depth 4.5cm
Edition Size: 5 + 2AP

Technique : Polyurethane Paint on and Silver Plating on Stainless Steel
Signed and Numbered

Package contains: Certificate of Authenticity

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