CHIASMA- solo show
2nd of november 2019 to the 9th of january 2020

Suite 205-206A,
99 East Beijing Road,

This exhibition includes new works that are especially inspired by urban architectural environments that confluence humanity, design and art. To create Structural Reflections (2019), Expanded Limits (2019) and Interconnected Dimensions (2019), he employed delicate cutout design to present his signature geometric patterns. The fine electroplated laser-cut mirror steel allows lights to shed through the cutout and be reflected from inside, presenting fascinating interplays between lines, forms, shadows and colors. In Urban Symphony series (2019), he painted rhythmic abstract patterns on rectangular mirror steels in varied lengths and then installed them in thoughtful orders on the wall. While the painted patterns resemble the equalizers in music production that adds a sense of acoustic illusion to the works, the entire installation evokes the magnificent cityscapes of Hong Kong, London, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai, among many others.

On view are also monochromatic works with Canto’s iconic geometric forms. In Imperceptible Reflections (2019), Circular Reflections (2019) and Echoing Perspectives (2019), he superimposes white nylon strings on a pure white or black acrylic surface, creating subtle yet powerful optical illusions, and then covers the work with transparent acrylic case. With proper lighting, the final work is the infinite variations of lines, geometric shapes, surfaces and spaces, and light and shadow. Canto incorporates his thoughts and experiences into the works, creating spectacular optical illusions that speak individually to each viewer depending on their angles in relation to the artworks. Encompassing the sensation of profusion, superposition of shapes, lines and perspectives, works in this exhibition attest to Canto’s belief that only through the presence of the viewers that his works are fully activated. Therefore, the audience is an integral and indispensable part of the artwork itself.

Iridescent attraction strength- 122 x 122 x 10 cm Expanded limits-100 x 100 x 7 cm (variable) Prismic vertical horizon-120 x 104 x 8 cmExpanded limits-detail Circular reflections-82 diameter x 10 cm Echoing perspectives-detail Metabolist spectrum- 120 x 120 x 10 cm